Wat-R-Wall Nozzle

Designed to produce a flat, fanshape water curtain. They can be used to protect exposures including apparatus and equipment. At 100 PSI, these nozzles flow 100 GPM and produce a curtain of water approximately 35’ wide and 20’ high. The swivel head and elbow assembly can be adjusted for best protection and locked in place.
1½” Wat-R-Wall Nozzle (Not Shown) Same as 222 2½” except 1½” free swivel inlet, no outlet. Finish Chrome plated. Length, 8”, width, 10”, height, 7¼”, weight, 8 lbs.
2½” Wat-R-Wall Nozzle Rugged, cast brass construction. 2½” free swivel inlet, 2½” male outlet with cap and chain. Finish Chrome plated. Length, 8¼”, width, 10”, height 8¼”, weight, 11½ lbs.