Ultrasonic Cleaning System

SweepZone technology offers a state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning and a thorough repeatable standard of cleanliness not obtainable through manual cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning produces more than 40,000 alternating high and low frequency sound waves per second. As these waves pass through the specialty cleaning solution, millions of microscopic vacuum bubbles form and implode. This process, known as cavitation, creates a scrubbing action capable of cleaning even the smallest cracks and crevices without damaging the integrity of the equipment and yet still creates a cleaning and disinfectant unbeatable by other forms. The Sweep Ag 360 system includes a timer, drain, cover, rack and forty disinfectant packets. This model is capable of cleaning 1-3 masks at a time. Each of the premeasured disinfectant packets makes one gallon of solution.

Input power: 300 watts
Inside dimensions:11.5 L x 9.25 W x 8 H
Overall dimensions: 12.75 L x 10.5 W x 12.25 H
Tank capacity: 14.4 quarts
Weight: 22 lbs.