The Saddle

SKU: 2550-SVFS-16

“The Saddle” is a combination door hanger and coupling bracket made of lightweight and durable cast aluminum. “The Saddle” can be used as a bracket for hanging a Super Vac Smoke Ejector on a door. Also, by using two Saddles to couple and stack three 16” Super Vac Smoke Ejectors — stabilizing them with leg brackets — you can create positive pressure ventilation, but whether you need positive or negative pressure, coupling and stacking smoke ejectors creates an efficient airflow that is more comparable to the shape of a doorway. Whether hanging or stacking your Smoke Ejectors, with Super Vac’s new “Saddle”, you get the most efficient smoke removal. 19.5” high x 10.75” wide x 4” deep. Weight 6 lbs.