The Heiman Air Chisel Rescue Kit

The Heiman Air Chisel Rescue Kit is the only kit on the market to contain TWO heavy duty long barrel air hammers in a completely portable "ego-anywhere" rescue package. The extra hammer can be built into a second kit or kept as a spare unit in the event of a breakdown. The tool can be operated using standard back pack air cylinders, compressors, air brakes and cascade systems. At 90 PSI, the power developed by the air hammer is sufficient to cut through normal body metal. In emergencies, pressure can be increased to develop more power to cut through heavier metals.

Complete kit contains: 2 heavy duty air hammers, one air pressure regulator, assorted chisels, 16' heavy duty 3/8" I.D. 250 PSI W. P. hose with quick connect locking safety couplings, quick change chisel retainer, can of oil, large case and operating instructions.

DESCRIPTION: Air Chisel Rescue Kit with 5000 - 100 PSI pressure regulator, plastic case, 2 air hammers, assorted chisels, 16' hose, connectors.