TFT - Tornado RC Monitor

SKU: 2899-Y2-E84A

Task Force Tips Tornado vehicle mounted monitor with 2.0"-11.5 NPT Female Inlet and 1.5" -9 NH Male Outlet. 

The Tornado RC is very compact, yet it has a large 2.25" waterway capable of flowing up to 500 GPM, making it the ideal bumper turret. Waterway with turning vane has only 19 psi friction loss at 500 GPM. Elevation range is 90° above horizontal to 45° below. The Tornado RC comes with a control panel on the monitor for horizontal rotation, elevation, nozzle pattern, and current limiting to protect the drive train at the end of travel. Locking quick connect inlets and outlets allow for quick removal of the Tornado for installations such as bumper mounting, where the monitor must be removed to tilt the cab of the truck. 

All TFT RC monitors are capable of being controlled by a programmable logic controller with full three-axisposition and control and feedback using the Allen Bradley EtherNet/IPprotocol. 

Many more TFT monitors offered, please call for assistance.


Apparatus      Pumper
Certification      CE
Finish      Stardust Silver
Horizontal Control      3" Handwheel
Horizontal Movementdegrees      185 total range
Inlet      2.0"NPT
Max Flow      500 gpm (2,000 l/min)
Operation Energy Source      12/24 VDC
Oscillation      No
Outlet      1.5" (38 mm) NH Male
Remote Control      Yes
Valve Design      No Valve
Vertical Control      3" Handwheel
Vertical Movementdegrees      45 to 90
Vertical Oscillation      No
Weight      27.7