Super Vac 20" Valor Series PPV

Choose between,

V20-GX: Honda GX200 gas powered
V20-ES: Single speed Bluffton electric powered

Frame Features

1 Full-Roll Cage Frame: Features a tough, tubular aluminum frame to protect key components; delivers a lightweight design (15% lighter than steel frames)

2 7-Position Tilt Frame with Step Pad: Provides positive/ negative angles; allows for fan placement on stairs; allows tall firefighters to easily move fan

3 Fold-Down Ergonomic Handle: Folds down into frame for compact storage; features full-width handle for easy grip with heavy-duty gloves

4 Flat-Proof Rubber Tires: Eliminates flat tires; rolls up stairs and curbs easily; tires are placed on the back of the frame so that firefighters never have to put themselves between the PPV and the fire during setup

Fan Features

5 Single-Piece Cast Aluminum Blade: Holds up better than plastic in high heat

6 Precision-Spun Steel Shroud: Provides durability with maximum airflow

7 StreamShaper Guard: Standard guard, designed for farther setback; Air Cone Guard available by request

8 AMCA Certified Airflow: Ratings listed below are based on tests in accordance with Air Movement Control Association (AMCA publication 240) and comply with the AMCA certified ratings program


Gas Output: 18,182 cfm tested to AMCA standards.
Electric Output: 9,007 cfm AMCA certified.

Dimensions: Both are 26.5" Tall x 25" Wide x 21.5" Deep

Gas Weight: 86 lbs.
Electric Weight: 82 lbs.

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