Junkin pioneered the most efficient and practical products of their kind on the market. Made of steel, all welded rigid construction which does not rely on injured person to attain form or rigidity. Lightweight and ample in size.

Nylon web straps at chest, abdomen, thigh, and calf. Adjustable footrests for vertical lifting. Frame is 5/8" steel tubing; cross braces and runners 3/16" x 3/4" flat steel. Basket is 18 gauge, 1" hexagon mesh netting.

1900-SAF-300 (with leg dividers)
DIMENSIONS: 80½" L; 8" H' Chest: 22½" W; Abdomen 22" W; Thigh 21½" W; Calf 20½" W. SHIPPING WEIGHT: 31 lbs. CARTON SIZE: 83" x 8" x 24".

1900-SAF-300-A (with leg dividers)
Same as the SAF-300 with the addition of a wood rack through back of trunk section and a strap adjusted foot rest. (Shown with optional strecher bridle sling). SHIPPING WEIGHT: 32 lbs.

1900-SAF-300-W (WITHOUT leg dividers)
Designed to accommodate most standard 16" x 74" full length backboards.

1900-SAF-300-B Break-Away Stretcher
Designed to rescue injured persons from locations where lengthy foot travel is mandatory. The stretcher breaks into two halves which can be back-packed to the point of rescue and assembled in seconds. It can be secured to a standard back-pack for carrying. Three positive lock clamps secure two halves together. Four 60" web straps are standard. WEIGHT: 34 lbs.

1900-SAF-200 Plastic Stretcher
Yellow high-density polyethylene shell, supported by a stainless steel outer rail, permanently attached with stainless steel semi-tubular rivets. Features molded runners, fully exposed outer rail, non-absorbent foam pad secured to stretcher and four patient restraint straps. Ideal for unusually rugged rescue situations such as industrial, mining or construction. LOAD CAPACITY: 1200 lbs.

1900-SAF-603 Easy-Fold Plain Stretcher
Same frame and cover as Model SAF-602 but without wheels and posts. Folds for compact storage. 2" wide patient restraint straps with standard automotive seatbelt type buckles.

DIMENSIONS: Open: 74" L x 1¼" H; Folded: 36½" L x 2¾"H. WEIGHT: 9 lbs. CAN SHIP VIA UPS

1900-SAF-604 Easy-Fold Wheeled Stretcher with Adjustable Backrest
Same as Model SAF-602 with the addition of an adjustable back rest with five positions. Folds for compact storage. 2" wide patient restraint straps with standard automotive type buckles. DIMENSIONS: Same as Model SAF-602 above. WEIGHT: 20 lbs. CAN SHIP UPS.