Silvex Plus Foam

A low, medium and high expansion Class A foam. Effective on tires, paper, coal, structure fires and wild fires. Reduces surface tension of water, extends drain time for longer surface wetting, creates an insulating foam blanket between the fuel and the air, suppresses combustible vapors and cools the fuel. Provides superior cold weather performance.

Economical because it can be proportioned from 0.1% to 1.0%. Use in fresh, brackish or sea water and as a pre-mix. Does not harm fish or wildlife, does not destroy or retard new forest growth. Is biodegradable in soils, aquatic ecosystems
and sewage treatment facilities. Shelf life is about 20-25 years, recommended storage is 30 to 120°. If product is frozen during storage, thawing will return it to full usable state.