Rescue Chain Package

This Rescue Chain Package can help save time and lives in a crash rescue situation involving pulling or moving of steering columns, seats, doors, dash boards, etc. The kit can be used separately or as a companion to your hydraulic equipment. All chains and hooks (except loading hook) are gold chrome plated. This process retards oxidation, giving a bright, longer lasting finish to a well-made product.

The Rescue Chain Package consists of:

  • 1½ ton capacity chain come-a-long and a 5' pull
  • Anchor chain with a working load limit of 6,000 lbs.
  • Pulling chain that is 20' long with a slip hook at one end and a grab hook on the other
  • Loading hook manufactured from high carbon hexagon tool steel
  • (2) 15' cheater chain with grab hook at each end
  • Carrying container Ship. wt. 78 lbs.