ReadiMask Adhesive-Sealing Particle Respirator and Eye Shield


The ReadiMask uses a special air-purifying filter media and a hypoallergenic medical adhesive at the perimeter of the mask to filer more than 95% of particles, preventing them from entering the lungs. This is a one-time use mask. 

The filter rate is greater than 95% of particles suspended in the air (aerosols), including, but not limited to, dust, bacteria, viruses, mold, industrial particles, smoke particles, and many other dangerous particulates. In addition, the ReadiMask will also filter pepper spray. 


Fire and Rescue

• Overhaul – Post Fire Fighting; Arson Investigation
• Search and Rescue – Carried by Fire Fighters – For Victim’s Use During Escape From Smoke & Fire
• Death Scenes; Blood Borne Pathogens, Body Recovery


• Blood Borne Pathogens
• Escape – Building Fire & Smoke
• Contagious patients
• Decontamination



• Two Way Protection (on inhalation and exhalation) Against Blood-borne and Air-borne Pathogens
• Protects the Wearer and the Individuals who are in Close Proximity to the Wearer
• Can be Worn by Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, EMTs, Assistants, Staff
• Can be Worn by Immunocompromised Patients
• Can be Worn by Visitors to Protect Immunocompromised Patients


The eye shield is flexible so it may be used with glasses. 

Size: Adult M/L

Masks will ship same or next day.