Portable Scene Light Rechargeable Lantern

SKU: 2921-45670

Rapidly deploys in less than 30 seconds. Extends to 72", cord built into pole to
avoid snags. Packs to a compact size (22" x 6.5" x 11") for easy stowage.

Weight: 25 lbs with batteries. Stabilization legs provide balance on uneven surfaces. Designed to resist 40 mph wind with the head fully extended. (6) C4 LEDs and wide pattern reflectors produce a uniform flood pattern.
High super bright beam: 3,600 lumens, 31,000 candela , runs 5 hours.
Medium intense beam for longer run time: 2,400 lumens, 20,000 candela, runs 9 hours. Low beam for extra long run time: 1,100 lumens, 11,000 candela, runs 18 hours.