TFT G-Force Nozzles

Available in fixed gallonage, selectable gallonage or automatic styles. Durable polymer handle developed for the harshest fire ground operations while offering reduced maintenance costs. Color-coded shut-off handle, grips and Scotchlite labels offer easy identification and maximum visibility. Unique inlet debris screen - unparalleled protection from debris that can affect stream quality. Flush without shutdown, integrated tactile pattern indicator, and bonded long lasting rubber bumper. Unique slide valve design - total firefighter flow control and outstanding stream quality, even with the nozzle valve gated and the flow reduced. Stainless steel spinning teeth for wide fog pattern, tactile indicator provides easy pattern selection. NFPA #1964 compliant (2008) edition. 1.5" NH female base. Ship weight: 5 lbs.

FIXED GALLONAGE Flow of 150 gpm @ 100 psi.
AUTOMATIC Automatic nozzle with a flow of 60-150 gpm @ 100 psi.
SELECTABLE GALLONAGE Flow of 30, 60, 95, 125 and 150 gpm @ 100 psi.