Foam Proportioning System



Each kit contains a foam proportioning system, connection hose with foam concentrate metering valve, cap kit for transferring foam to special container and an air aspirating nozzle. (1.5" plumbing with hose thread adapters) 13"x7"x3¾"

  1. Offers continuous foam flow under varying water pressure and volume and needs no adjustment.
  2. Does not exceed 1.0% foam concentrate use under normal operating conditions.
  3. Can adjust to percentages of less than 1.0% with the metering valve.
  4. No moving parts offers ease of operation.
  5. No electrical power required.
  6. Can be used inline between pump outlet and a live reel.
  7. Only needs flushing with fresh water, low maintenance.
  8. For use with a wide range of nozzle flows, 6 to 95+ gpm.
  9. Compact in size for use with portable pumps.