Foam Pro 1600

Ideal for Class A brush rigs/skid units, fast attack vehicles, municipal apparatus and retrofits. The unit installs easily in a new or existing apparatus.

It provides fully automatic foam proportioning regardless of changes in flow or pressure. With discharge side injection, no foam goes through the pump and there are no inline restrictions. With the push of a button, the unit is operational, no need for setup or shutting down to add lines. It is capable of remote start/stop operation for pump and roll operations and interfaces with CAFS. For use with all Class A foam concentrates. Meets or exceeds current NFPA standards. System includes a Hypro twin plunger pump and motor assembly. DC motor powered systems for Class A foam installation. System components include a panel-mount operator control unit and operators instructions, flowmeter, strainer, foam injection check valve, complete shielded cable set, and RFI/ EMI suppression kit. Requires a main waterway check valve and low level tank switch to operate.

Specify choice of flow meter size: 1.5"or 2".
Specify choice of low level tank switch: side or top mount.