Elkhart XD Washdown Kit

The XD Washdown Kit is ideal for post-fire clean up to rinse off equipment, hand tools, dirty fire hose, and contaminated turnout gear. It includes an XD Washdown Nozzle, 50' of 5/8" garden hose, a Model 104-A 1.5" to GHT swivel hose reducer, and a rugged carrying bag to fit everything in. As less apparatus are being equipped with hose reels, this serves as a high-quality alternative for post-fire clean up and is built to last for Xtreme Duty use.


• Lightweight aluminum construction with stainless steel and brass components.
• Operated via trigger controlled variable spray pattern that instantly shuts off when trigger is released.
• Nozzle is equipped with an insulated rubber cover with red direction arrows ready to withstand the harshest use.
• Garden hose rated 300 psi with brass couplings
• Swivel bell reducer simplifies attachment - no hose twisting
• Includes rugged carrying bag with durable seat belt handles and vents to aid in drying.