TFT Bubble Cup Nozzles

The dual or single gallonage Bubble Cup is a uniquely designed aspirating fog/foam nozzle specially created to be used with AFFF and Protein type foams for fire and brigades and hazardous materials incidents, or for structural and wildfire applications of "Class A" foaming agents. Capable of producing a conventional straight stream, wide protective fog pattern, as well as aspirating foam, the Bubble Cup is a versatile nozzle that provides an extra measure of protection not found in any other aspirating foam nozzle.

All Bubble Cup nozzles are backed by a full 2 year factory warranty and forty-eight hour certified repair.

2899-D1024BC 1" NH 10/24 GPM
2899-D1040BC 1" NH 10/40 GPM
2899-DS1024BC 1" NH 10/24 GPM
2899-DS1040BC 1" NH 10/40 GPM
2899-DS1024BCP 1" NH 10/24 GPM  
2899-DS1040BCP 1" NH 10/40 GPM
2899-F2060BC 1½" NH 20/60 GPM
2899-F95BC 1½" NH 95 GPM
2899-FS2060BC 1½" NH 20/60 GPM
2899-FS95BC 1½" NH 95 GPM
2899-FS2060BCP 1½" NH 20/60 GPM
2899-FS95BCP 1½" NH 95 GPM


2899-DS1024BCP is in stock and will ship same day. All other models will be shipped direct from the manufacturer.