Blocks, Chocks, Cribbing & Wedges

Made from 100% recycled plastic which is nearly twice as strong as the majority of wood products. Supports up to 50,000 lbs. The slip resistant, splinter free surface is non-absorbent so it resists oil, chemical and blood borne pathogens.

Cribbing and wedges feature a high visibility yellow handle for easy carrying and gripping.

Lock Blocks are 9" square. Unlike wood these blocks are reliable and consistent every time.

Step chocks only weighs 13 lbs. Each chock has 5 tiers and measures 25" long by 11" high. The step is 3.5" wide, the base of the unit is 5.5" wide.

Graded wedges are slip resistant. The graded design allows for maximum hold.5" long.