Berkeley Heiman Fire Pumps

Hand priming allows priming before the engine is started, eliminates heat up of
pump shaft and seal, prevents damage, extends pump and engine life.
Honda engines are quicker starting and quieter running. The state of the art
overhead valve design allows the engine to run cooler, resulting in better oil and
fuel economy, reduced carbon buildup and longer valve life.

V-Twin, OHV, air cooled, 4-cycle, horizontal shaft, carb certified. Long life dual element air cleaner. Transistorized magnetic, maintenance free ignition. Float type, fuel cut solenoid carburetor. Fast response, mechanical governor. Replaceable, automotive type, internal cast iron bore bearings. Aluminum cylinder block, cast iron sleeve, bore 90 degree design. Lubrication is full pressure to all bearings, spin on oil filter. Heavy duty 12 volt starter. 3 year warranty. Honda 20HP and 24HP no longer have recoil rope.

All iron casing, centrifugal pump, sealed ball bearings, bronze impeller, brass wear ring, stainless steel shaft, self-lubricating/cooling mechanical shaft seal, belt driven speed increaser, adjustable throttle, hand primer. Inlet: 2" NPT, Discharge: 1.5" NPT.
Weight: 205 lbs
30" L x 24.5" W x 20" H