Auto Charge 1000 Super Kit

SKU: 1980-51-03-1206

Includes Auto Charge 1000 PLC charger, single bar graph display and Super Auto Eject. 

Auto Charge 1000 PLC Features

•15A battery charger with a 3A battery saver
• Microprocessor controlled, completely automatic operation regulates the output to a single battery bank
• Precision voltage controller senses the battery voltage, eliminating the need for sense wires
• Programmable Parasitic Load Compensation allows for the user to input the total accessory load on the vehicle (in amps). This allows the charger to shift the absorption stage set point so the battery voltage drops to the float voltage when desired current is reached
• Battery selection switch to select Gel Cell, LeadAcid, AGM or Odyssey
• Float/3-Step Charge Mode Selection Switches
• Automatic current limit
• Battery Saver On/Off switch is used to bypass the Battery Saver and apply all 18A to charge the battery
• Patent pending

Single bar graph display is a universal single battery bank voltage display that may be installed on any 12/24V system. 

Super Auto Eject Features

• 15Amp, AC receptacle
• The Super Auto Eject plug ejects from the receptacle and away from vehicle which eliminates cord hazards
• The Super Trailer Auto Eject plugs ejects from the receptacle upon engaging brake pedal prior to vehicle going into gear
• Sequences energizing of the Auto Eject which eliminates terminal arcing when connecting and disconnecting to the receptacle
• After ejection a weatherproof cover snaps into position over the inlet
• A weatherproof back enclosure with a watertight cable fittings protects the mechanism from road contamination
• Pre-wired with a 3’ AC cord and an eject sense wire. Entry of the unit is on the side in the standard configuration, a back entry is also available on request.