Akron Turbojet Nozzles

Adjustable gallonage nozzle. The flow remains the same in all patterns at each GPM setting. Spinning turbine teeth, lightweight pyrolite construction. Full-time swivel inlet. Flush without changing pattern or shutting down. Available in Breakapart style for user versatility.

MIDRANGE TURBOJET NOZZLES Flow settings at 100 psi operating pressure.

  • 1025-1722 1.5" Nozzle, 1.5" Swivel Inlet, 95-125-150-200 GPM
  • 1025-1723 1.5" Nozzle, w/Pistol Grip 1.5" Swivel Inlet, 95-125-150-200 GPM

HIGHRANGE TURBOJET NOZZLES Flow setting at 100 psi standard.

  • 1025-1744 TurboJet Tip with Twist Shutoff 1.5" Swivel Inlet, 125-150-200-250 GPM
  • 1025-2730 TurboJet Tip with Axial Playpipe (Breakapart) Combination 1727 tip with 2390 playpipe 2.5" Swivel Inlet, 125-150-200-250 GPM