5/8" Basic Lifeline Rope, 300 ft

Available in: Orange w/ Yellow - Blue w/ Yellow - Red w/ Yellow - Yellow w/ Blue

Comes in 300 ft length, custom lengths available. Please call us for pricing. 

The finest ropes made for the fire and rescue service. Many years of design engineering and field testing have gone into the development of this rope. All nylon continuous ropes built with a special blend of the 700 series DuPont™ multi-filament nylon.

MATERIAL: 100% DuPont™ Nylon (multi-monofilament) for sheath and core.
SHEATH: (Comprises approximately 25% of strength.) Double jacket, one over, one under for ultra-high abrasion resistance. The sheath is colored a different color from the core for safety inspections at a glance.
TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE: Maintains properties and strength to 350°F. Melting point, 480°F.
ABRASION RESISTANCE: Three times more resistant than Lay Rope, Braid and Double Braid constructions. Offers the highest abrasion resistance of any rope made.
CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Will not mildew. Can be stored wet if necessary. More resistant to most acid- alkaline-petroleum products than natural fibers.
HANDLING CHARACTERISTICS: Rope is firm, yet soft enough to be easily tied and can be stuffed into rope bags without effort. Resists kinking and fouling, yet holds knots well. Our Super Lifeline and LimeLine will not stiffen with age or use.
SERVICE LIFE: As long as the sheath remains intact, shielding the core from abrasion- contamination, frequent washing with mild soaps will increase service life as it rids rope of abrasive particles. However, heavy loading which overworks strength can affect the service life.
QUALITY CONTROL: Each rope is hand inspected for quality. Continuous tensile and abrasion testing is carried out according to federal test standard 191A, method 6061. Finally, each rope is marked internally for quality control reference.

NFPA TENSILE STRENGTH           10,207 lbf. (45.4 kN)
WLL           681 lbs. (303 kg)
NFPA RATING           General Use
NFPA 10% ELONGATION           6.8 %
WEIGHT / 100 FT.           10.2 lbs.