Univent Pro Saw 20

A powerful 5.4 hp, durable saw built specifically for the fire service. The powerhead features an electronic ignition system that produces a high energy spark for easy starting. A combination of a low friction alloy piston, Molybdenum impregnated cylinder bore and a high capacity fan allow a higher RPM, increased power and cooler, longer running life. The two piece drop forged balanced crankshaft reduces vibration.

A low resistance silencer that cuts the noise level to a maximum of 120 db. Features an all position diaphragm Tillotson HS 260 A carburetor with integral fuel pump and a 3 stage foam air filter. The handles are a separate unit from the engine, bar and chain, creating a unique vibration dampening system. The guide bar is one piece with induction hardened rails. The chain is heavy duty .404 pitch .063 gauge carbide tipped. The optional depth gauge is spring loaded to allow the saw to plunge through the material and automatically cover the bar and chain when the cutting is done. The depth can also be preset so the blade can cut only as deep as you want.