Ready Rack Double Sided Free Standing

The Ready Rack is available in a wide range of models. Garment manufacturers specify quick, open air drying to maintain the protective qualities of fibers and liners. The open wire design of Ready Rack, along with the Dry Kwik accessories, provides for free air circulation and helps dry gear much faster. As a result, mold and mildew will not prematurely destroy the fibers of your gear and it will last longer. Dry gear reduces steam burns on fire and rescue personnel. Ready Rack components are nickel plated to resist rust, then chrome plated for aesthetic appearance and finally, clear coated to protect the finish. Each unit consists of two levels of open wire shelving. The full length grid dividers separate each compartment and are easily adjustable to allow for expansion for additional personnel. Full length grid dividers separate individual compartments between top and bottom shelf levels and provide a 4" tall divider on the top shelf. A hanging pole is provided under the top shelf and runs the length of the unit. The standard units are supplied with two utility hooks for bunker pants and one name plate. Unit is supplied with leveling bolts for use on uneven floors. 4" tall back ledges are included for each shelf level.

Dimensions: 36" deep x 74" tall.