Interceptor Level A Suits

Fully encapsulated, liquid and vapor protective ensemble. Durable and puncture resistant. The chemical barrier properties have been tested against 260 challenge chemicals. Permeation data proves the excellent protective capabilities. Sealed seams, 48" zipper, double storm flap with velcro. Blue color, attached sock boots with boot flaps, waist belt with 3 belt loops sewn and sealed inside. Storage bag included. Standard pricing for sizes up to XL.

LEVEL A SUIT Expanded back, 2 layer faceshield (10 mil Teflon / 40 mil PVC), 3 layer glove combination of Butyl, North Silvershield and outer knit Kevlar, 2 Pirelli valves. Choice of Front or Rear entry.
ENCAPSULATED SUIT, LEVEL A Flat back, front entry, 40 mil PVC faceshield, butyl gloves, 2 Pirelli valves.